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Matchmakers and Mother-in-law

Love blossoms for 16 beautiful brides and their charming grooms in this frontier romance series. Each bride must navigate the challenges of being matched with a groom-to-be in the Old west, but a formidable adversary is setting hurdles for each of them to overcome—a mother-in-law. Every book in this series is a standalone, sweet, clean, wholesome romance with surprises, difficulties, and a meddling mother who tests their commitment. Will love truly conquer all? Read every story to find out!

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First book releases on February 19th.. Catch Margaret's Wedding Dilemma! Pre orders up now!

Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge

The Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge is a sweet historical romance series that revolves around a silver mining town in Nevada in the 1870s, and the women who shape the town’s destiny: from prospectors to mail order brides, teachers, doctors, and more. Each of these women carves out her own path and finds love in the wild west.

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Bluebonnet Brides

Attention Mail Order Brides lovers... PIONEER BRIDES and BLUEBONNET BRIDES are coming off Kindle KU. Contracts are ending and the stories will be removed by the end of the month.

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Welcome to Three River's Express Station



Three Rivers Express Series

The Three Rivers Express Series is a set of Sweet Western Historical Romance which was written alternately by Reina Torres and Nan O’Berry. Starting with the Spring of 1860 when the Pony Express began their service of mail delivery between St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento California, each of the Three Rivers Express Books will take on a new season and a different riders.  Ride the trails with these intrepid heroes and heartwarming heroines from the town of Three Rivers, Wyoming.

Spring 1860 -  Always, Ransom - Reina Torres

Summer 1860 - Always, Clay - Nan O'Berry

Fall 1860 - Always, Wyeth - Reina Torres

Winter 1860 - Always, Stone - Nan O'Berry

Spring 1861 - Always, Ellis - Reina Torres

Summer 1861 - Always, Brett - Nan O'Berry

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