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Meet Nan O'Berry

Growing up in a story tellers environment, it's not surprising that I love a good tale. Matching hero and heroine to their flaws, their positives is always exciting. A trustworthy notebook at hand, she's always armed for adventure and romance. Check out her homespun charm and bigger than life heroes.

Now, a USA Today Best Seller for her story in A Place to Belong.

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Meet Tessa Berkley

I'm Tessa Berkley.

I write along side Nan O'Berry as her pen name. My books may range from romance with a dash of paranormal to a romance with a bit more smex and a whole lot of canoodling...

New Release


He came to claim her land. Instead, she stole his heart.

One last scheme pits the brother against brother for the chance to be president of Midas Development. For Asa Kingston, the journey to Virginia’s Eastern Shore is a fool's errand. His assignment is to purchase the property known as Pinnacle Point. He didn't count on running in to her beautiful and brilliant granddaughter, Mallory.
Pinnacle Point is home to Mallory Bennett. Finding out her grandmother wants to sell only creates a bigger problem than getting Asa to see the Eastern Shore for its true value.

It will take every ounce of skill she possesses and more to fight this battle. Will greed win or will love save the day when it comes to right of Eminent Domain

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